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Every moment crafted

New worlds imagined and delivered

Through cutting-edge technology, artistic vision, and meticulous attention to detail, Craft Consulting brings  public spaces to life with moment that captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impact on their audiences. We thrive on the challenge of creating

 unforgettable new worlds that push the boundaries of immersion. Through mesmerising light installations, intelligent projection mapping, interactive multimedia and augmented technology, we transform your dreams into tangible reality.

to life


A global network of experts

Delivering immersive experiences demands top tier expertise at every link in the supply chain. Craft Consulting has compiled a network of stand-out talent with exemplary track records. Our extensive network spans the globe, connecting us with the finest designers, technologists, project managers, marketers, coders, and beyond. With this diverse pool of expertise at our fingertips, we swiftly and economically tackle any challenge, turning imagination into reality.

Imagineers of Exceptional Experiences

Craft takes existing spaces and layers them with experiences and interactions that your guests will never forget. From hospitality and retail to cultural venues, we weave together innovation, immersion, technology and storytelling to craft moments that linger in the memory.

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